Is SEO the best way to advertise? Measuring ROI from SEO Investments

Advertising your business through the internet is one of the best ways to advertise. But how do you know, within that large realm, what is the best way to advertise? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the best way to advertise for your business.

The buzz word ROI, or return on investment, is often thrown around when speaking of advertising. It might be hard to measure your ROI when dealing with an abstract concept like SEO. For example, the Sydney SEO Company MadKoo offers services that provide your business with quality SEO at a great cost. But how can you be sure that the money you spend on your SEO services will give you that ROI you are looking for?

What is ROI?

SEO and ROIYour ROI is a profitability ratio. You will divide net profit by total assets. You want to know that what you have given to your SEO agency will come back to you through newly acquired clients. How can you determine that the costs you put into SEO advertising will pay off in the long run?

How does SEO help your business?
These days, SEO advertising is essential for a successful business. Hiring an SEO agency can help you get higher rankings in search results, leading to more clicks on your website. The more clicks to your website, the more likely those clicks will turn into customers. One problem that many run into when trying to decide on advertising through SEO strategies is that it is more difficult to determine the ROI.

This is how SEO works: you choose keywords you believe people will search for related to your business. Sometimes you will get a larger return and other times you will get less, but in the long run, SEO is the best way to advertise. If you are patient and stay with constant, quality SEO strategies, you will see it pay off.

How do you do ROI calculations for SEO?

ROI 3Most businesses look to ROI to determine if what they are spending their money on is worth it for the business. It’s not easy to tell if an SEO investment is giving you your money’s worth. Generally, common business sense states that if an investment does not give a positive ROI or there is another marketing method that has a higher ROI, then the investment from that marketing method should end. With SEO, it creates a long-term investment that will yield positive results over time. It is often likened to the stock market. There will always be up and down, but in the long run it will be very beneficial to your business.

As mentioned before, calculating your ROI for SEO can be difficult, but not impossible. To determine the actual ROI for an SEO strategy, you will determine the total e-commerce revenue through SEO plus the total goal value through SEO. Then from the total number will have to subtract the cost of running the SEO strategy. This will give you the rough ROI for your SEO advertising.

Your SEO agency Sydney should be able to provide you with this information. There are also independent companies who can calculate this for you. It is important that you give your SEO marketing strategy time. This is not an immediate result kind of advertising scheme. It is a long-term investment that can work wonders. Ask for periodic ROI reports, and you will see the up and down, but then in the long run, your numbers will go up.
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So why is SEO the best way to advertise?

In using SEO strategies for advertising, it can make it easier for both your users and search engines to understand how to reach your website. It can also help search engine spiders and bots determine what each of your webpages is about and how relevant they are to visitor’s searches. This provides a long term solution to getting your website noticed by consumers. The better the SEO strategy, the more likely that your website will show up at the top of a search engine list. The better your position, the more clicks you will get. The more time goes on, the more visits your website will get, which will then in turn show the search engines that your website belongs at the top.

Many Sydney SEOs help websites increase their organic search score by a large margin to compete for the highest ranking spots. The benefits of the SEO strategy include:

– Connecting with pre-qualified customers
– Saving you time and money
– Relying on an experienced and knowledgeable team

How do you find the right SEO agency in Australia?


Once you realize that using an SEO strategy would help your business or website, you want to find a quality SEO agency around you. There are many services that SEO agencies offer. They can be very useful in providing:

• A complete analysis of your site content or structure to make sure it will be easily recognized by search engines
• Technical advice on your website development, such as hosting, URL redirects, different error pages and more
• Content development, as the new Google system looks for quality content
• Management of your online reputation – analyzing negativity about your brand and addressing them
• Conversion rate optimization by turning your visitors into customers
• Real-time social media analytics, which can help your reputation and SEO

You will need to hire a qualified team to perform the SEO strategies. These are not easy to complete well on your own. By bringing in outside help, it will save you time and money in the long run, which will help your ROI.

Choosing to implement an SEO strategy is the best way to advertise. It lets those out there who are looking for your products/services find you in a much easier way. Let the customers come to you with Sydney SEO.